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Xerox Printer Technical Support- via 1-888-483-4910 (USA/CA) | 1800 832 424 (AUS)

Xerox is a leading multinational company that is located in the U.S., which mainly deals in several kinds of machines such as fax machines, displays, photocopiers, projectors, scanners, printers and more. It beginner as a manufacturer of photographic paper and the machine for it back in 1906, but since then has added multiple entities to its business. All of which use a good user base throughout the world. Xerox itself is seen all over the world as the biggest manufacturer of photocopiers and printers, so much that many user even refer to photocopying as doing a Xerox of a document.    

The company is quite famous for its printing solutions and is widely considered for its durability as well as high resolution prints. Xerox also gives excellent Xerox Printer support to those who face any kind of problem regarding their device. These official support services come in the form of on-call or text support. If a user is stressed with any kind of problem whether is associated to hardware or software he can always make use of these to come out of the stress. These facilities are free of cost till it is under the warranty period but after it has expired one would have to pay for getting technical support.

Apart from this there are multiple sources present by which a user can fix his printer issue. Technical support service from third party is the most secure mode of getting Xerox Printer support. There are multiple companies available that can help you over the phone. These companies have tested technicians who can help you according to your trouble within a matter of few moments. These services are limited to call only on given phone number, and so if you are looking for any kind of hardware help, it is recommended that you explore some nearby technician in its place.

Technical Support services for Xerox Printers

The company has always balanced its products with top quality customer service as well as technical support service. If a customer is searching for Xerox Printer Technical Support can always get in touch with the company's technical support department through phone number or even look for personal visit if the problem is not fixable over the phone. On the other hand, there is also a technical support page available on the company's website that can also be used by anyone in case he/she wishes to fix the problem by self. This page has information about multiple printer models listed, and can be very much beneficial to anyone who can partially know the technical language of it.

Common Issues with Xerox Printers

A Xerox printer can simply come across a number of issues within it, and some of that can be described below:

  • Printer connectivity problems.
  • Printer device not getting compatible with PC.
  • Paper regularly getting stuck inside printer.
  • Low print performance and slow printing speed bugs.
  • Software/Drivers upgrade problems.
  • Printer not booting at all.
  • How to deal with printer problems outside warranty.

If your printer has run out of warranty over it, you would usually be limited to online help page only, and will not be able to get live technical support from the company any more. If you wish to avail only live help or if official technical support page has been of little or no help to you, you would have to look for alternate means of support. There are indeed a few of them, but then several of them may cost you a fee on those too. The most commonly used means of technical support are:

  • Help from colleague who has some bit of knowledge about printer working.
  • Searching through some web pages that have brief instructions given in step-by-step mode to fix a particular issue.
  • Help from some technician in your neighbor who may even be able to visit your location if needed.
  • Customer service from some on-call technical support professional.

Support from a local technician may cost you more than what an on-call technical staff would ask you for, however his services are the most reliable alternative to official Xerox Printer Technical Support when it comes to hardware problems. For software problems though you can consider support from on-call VSUPPORT24 technicians who will provide you same level of support at cheaper price.

VSUPPORT24 hire highly knowledgeable technicians only, experienced in the field of Xerox barcode printer technology. You have to register to one of their plans that would give you monthly technical support. Once you have effectively bought their plan, you have to call on a Toll free phone number 1-800-832-424(AUS)/1-888-483-4910 (USA/CA) which would lead you straight to these experts. The experts there would give you Xerox printer technical support, as according to your model of your Xerox printer. They would first listen to your problem, identify it and then carry on to solve it though remote access. Several other ways like email support, chat support and call support are also given in order to resolve the problem of customer.

VSUPPORT24 services comprise Xerox printer technical support:-

  • Complete technical care of Xerox printing device.
  • Fix Xerox printer’s clog head issues.
  • Jamming of paper and poor print quality troubles.
  • Assist to setup connection between computer and Xerox printer.
  • Fix all other problems related to Xerox printers.  
  • Linking Xerox printer to the network.
  • Technical Support to refill or get rid of cartridge.
  • Assist to install and updating of drivers.

Fixing the difficulties of horizontal or vertical bars while printing the papers.

We at VSupport24 provide third-party support for Xerox Printers, however Xerox Printers also provides the similar support and if you want to talk to directly to Xerox Printers then you can contact them at 1-800-624-9897.