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In this blog post, we give you an insight into data breach – a pointblank disaster that roams over most firms.

What is Data Breach?

Data breach happen when secret data of an organisation is illegally obtained by miscreants for monetary gains or lost or other reason. Data breach can have a serious effect on any firm in the kind of impaired operations, customer loss, lawsuits, and brand erosion to name a few.

Recently, a study done by experts reported that there have been over 500 confirmed cases of data breaches. If the whole study is taken into account, then a massive figure of 2,500 data breaches and an eye-popping 2.1 billion vulnerable records come into the picture. But, that is just the tip of an iceberg.

Why Data Breaches should make you reconsider your IT Skills

The purpose behind Data Breach

Purpose that drive criminals to trigger data breach threats are diversified.

While it may seem surprising, but 75% of data threats are brewed by monetary interests. To add, financial firms take only 37% hit of such threats.

Other motives comprise state-affiliated espionage and activism.

Who are the threats?

There is this common faith that small firms are too small to attract cyber criminal’s attention. But, this fact is purely a misconception and might, a dangerous one too. No firm, big or small, is spared from such data security threats.

Who are the culprits?

It is difficult to find who are really responsible for a data breach; it could be entities within the firm, outside the firm or someone who used to be a part of the firm.

There are also situations wherein people do data breaches unintentionally. For example, someone might just lose their company’s detail or unwittingly reveal classified data during a casual chat or conversation with friends or peers.

Methods of Data Breaches

Stolen credentials seem to be the most important tool used by criminals to execute data breach. Other methods include:

  • Malware infection
  • Multiple forms of hacking
  • ATM skimming
  • Phishing scams
  • Misuse or abuse of privileges by people within the organization

What Can Be Done?

With diverse motives that miscreants have behind data breaching, we cannot ignore the evolving nature of the threat landscape. Threats are becoming advanced, persistent, and particularly, more targeted than ever. Thus, evaluation of the threat landscape and adopting a methodical approach should form the core of the counter attack strategy.

But at the same time, formulating a data protection strategy also depends on what organizations want to protect; the type of data, its sensitivity, what are the odds of the data being targeted by criminals, and so on. In other words, one cannot have a fixed protocol or standards for information security. Otherwise, it would be like prescribing a one-pill-cures-all-illnesses treatment plan.

One rational approach could be using multilayered security. It’s like installing up a fence surrounding your property, and then protecting your windows and doors.

Employing trustworthy unified threat management, coupled with endpoint safety solutions, can give firms what they require to lower the risk of data breaches. But, it would not be practical to label such actions as a foolproof system to deal with such activities. As mentioned, it all depends on what firm’s intent to secure, their understanding of the latest threat landscape, and up to what extent they can go to save their infrastructure.

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