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This is something on which no one has his or her control. When a cell phone gets lost, people do not know what to do and what should be the process to find the same. They often get confused as well as terrified as to what to do next. In this rush, they even get affected mentally and physically. Users should not get muddled and focus on some really helpful tactics to get away from such situations. The blog is here to guide the users who can learn the tricks and in future and can avoid any issue to take place.

In case of any such incident, it is also good to take advice from the well-known Bitdefender Antivirus Support experts. They remain available to guide in every possible way to keep personal devices secure.

Let us begin with the best tactics to perform when a device gets lost:

Call your phone or use the Mobile App to send alert: The first tactic one can follow is to call the phone. It is good to use the carrier’s mobile application to supersede the ringer settings and sound an alert. This can surely be the best way to find your phone when gets lost.

Use Find My Phone Feature: Using the ‘find my phone’ feature or the carrier mobile app can surely help in finding your phone. This will tell you if you left your phone at home or the office.

Text the mobile phone: This is also one of the expedient ways to find a lost phone. Sending a text can help other people know that the user is in search of his phone. Then a discussion can help the users to find their phone immediately.

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Back up your cell phone, then wipe it immediately: With the automatic cloud backup via the mobile app, the users can feel safe knowing the data is secure. If there is a surety that the smartphone was stolen, you can then use the remote wipe functionality for the device to erase data immediately. In such circumstances, fetching aid from Bitdefender Technical Support experts can be quite advantageous.

Lock your cell phone & change passwords: If the mobile phone can’t get located smoothly, the mobile app can remotely lock the phone from any site. It is good to be sure to change the passwords on any accounts you had enabled on the device, particularly financial, email, and social media accounts.

Contact your mobile carrier: The best option here is to contact the mobile carrier. The carrier of the customer cellular plan can disable service to the phone and help in figuring out what the next steps actually are. Go for it and see the difference.

Alert the Police: This is absolutely important to do as you have to protest deceitful charges made with the device, and the police are chasing device thefts. This is regarded as the most valuable way to find a lost device.

Wrapping up!

Keeping all these steps in mind can surely help in finding the lost mobile phone in an easier way possible. Other than this, being cognizant while using the same can make a lot of difference. For such issues, seeking timely help from the ever-ready Bitdefender Tech Support experts can prove to be constructive.