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In the entire life span of a commuting or similar device, there are so many risks and vulnerabilities that they would have faced including Viruses, malware, hackers, spyware, social engineering ploys as well as other threats. These vulnerabilities and threats get activated from the moment you plug in your device for the first time till you don’t dump it completely and discard it from being used. Cyber threats are available all around and bring the risk for the data your devices store, transfer, and receive. They may seem ordinary risks that computer users may face, but sometimes these ordinary threats may land computer users in huge risks.

Norton customer support

Norton customer support

If a computer user has just the basic understanding vulnerabilities and their different types, it may prove a good fence of defense against existing and emerging attacks and infections. Computer users can install  Norton Virus Protection to get comprehensive protection against vulnerabilities and if any of you who want t o install any kind of security on your device or network and require Norton customer service can call us technician at VSupport24 at any instant who will provide you Norton 360 support. Our experts know that it is tough to safeguard against every kind of vulnerability because they are pervasive all around coming from multiple resources, but still there are hacks and approaches that you can adopt being a computer user if facing data and device security issues. Our Norton customer support service is always available to provide you Norton support as well as help you with other tech issues.

Our Norton support engineers know that there are some measures that may reduce the risk of threats and help computer owners and Norton users to protect themselves, their data and their machines. So lets go ahead and know something about what is a computer vulnerability and their types along with the suggestion and help they need to get patch.

Computer Vulnerability

In general terms, vulnerability means any kind of potential weakness that let forbidden entities (software program or person) access the users’ machine using the existing weakness. Any flaw in computer or the program it has installed leave vulnerabilities that attackers exploit.

Types of Vulnerabilities

There may be different types of computer vulnerabilities depending on their coding style and presentation, but broadly they can be classified in three types that include further classification in their respective category.

Hardware: Hardware vulnerabilities necessarily don’t involve a hacker’s activities like rendering saved data useless and stealing data rather they include vulnerabilities such as problems with unprotected storage, susceptible to damage from the elements, and other accidents that may leave a computer’s hardware unit inoperable.

How to deal with hardware vulnerabilities:

As computers are machines and their hardware is susceptible to humidity, water damage, temperatures, fire, theft and other disasters, so to avoid the data and information lose stored on them, creating regular backups of the information is very important. Make sure to maintain the room temperature at the place where they are kept in and don’t keep them close to water access for their computer longevity and their performance.

Software: Those computer programs and software that haven’t been tested properly and updated for long may leave a user computer vulnerable to risk and attack. Alongside, there are programs and applications written and developed by hackers intentionally to make the users’ device vulnerable to threats and infections. Most major genuine computer software companies test and verify their products extensively for bugs, vulnerability to malicious attacks, and performance. If they find areas of concern, they update or upgrade their programs with new coding to block or stop the vulnerabilities. If a program user doesn’t download the patches to patch the flaw of the program, it remains vulnerable to attack and infections.

How to deal with software vulnerabilities:

Software vulnerability may pose a wide variety of risks and challenges to the security and protection of the data and device. To make sure that you your data and machine stay secure, make sure that:

  • Download programs from known, legitimate, and reputable sources
  • Don’t open email attachments without verifying them
  • Avoid downloading free programs that may bundle viruses, malware, and other bits of infections
  • If email links are directing you to unknown websites, avoid clicking them
  • Safeguard user names and passwords and be sure to update them regularly
  • Take precautions while using the Internet
  • For all incoming emails, use a virus scan
  • Run antivirus software and other possible forms of security
  • Update all major applications as well as antivirus protection on a regular basis

For the protection of your device and data, you can install Norton on your device. If you need Norton customer service, you can call VSupport24 Norton 360 support services. To talk to our expert technicians, you can dial our toll free Norton tech support number to get the help from experienced Norton support engineers. Our Norton customer support team is having engineers who have years of experience under their sleeves when it comes to provide you Norton support.

Network: If you are connected to an unsecured network, network vulnerabilities will occur that will negate the security and allow hackers to exploit available flaws and vulnerabilities.

How to deal with network vulnerabilities:

There are few ways to deal with network vulnerabilities including:

  • Run a firewall and keep it updated at all times
  • Use password protections and encryption to make sure network is secure
  • Keeping all programs and network drivers updated
  • Limit access to the network

Though there is no 100% guarantee that taking all the precautionary measures, one cannot fall victim to exploits and hacking attempts, but it will help in reducing the risk of computer vulnerabilities. The more secure measures you will put into place, the less likely you will leave your device vulnerable to catch infections and getting attacked.

Considering the required security measures, installing a good antivirus like Norton is must. So make sure that you install Norton and keep it updated  to minimize the risk of catching infections and getting attacked by online hackers and intruders.