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More security and performance challenges come up with the increasing involvement of technologies. There are thousands of tools and application to provide you the basic level protection, but it is not enough for the powerful infections and threats that stay hooked into the system. To eradicate stubborn infections, you need a reliable with solution that can vindicate its prowess over the challenge. Trend Micro is a reliable brand if you need such a product. Trend Micro is a brand that offers a wide variety of security programs to cover up your devices and network.  It is a security innovator for almost 30 years and protecting millions of individuals, enterprises, and small businesses worldwide.


The company has recently announced its new batch of security solutions for the year 2017. It has a great range of products that are efficient and industry-leading solutions to simplify your digital life by keeping it secure in the challenging environment. Its security applications don’t provide protection only from viruses, spam, phishing, and identity theft, but also render advanced Internet protection and privacy. Trend Micro 2017 editions have more features and tools to safeguard your devices and network.

Trend Micro has products to secure your devices manufactured and distributed by different manufacturers and vendors including PCs running on Windows/Linux, Apple computers, and smart devices. Its products have extended features and capabilities to provide protection from ransomware, malicious threats, and identity theft. Security experts and analysts have categorized Trend Micro Security the best security to block 100% of ransomware threats and providing 100% effective protection against web threats. With its protection, customers can believe that their valuable personal information will be protected with Trend Micro.

Trend Micro Security can safeguard your sensitive financial records, digital photo collection and files that you never want to lose or hacked.

  • Products range of Trend Micro™ Security 2017 for home users
  • Trend Micro™ Antivirus+ Security
  • Trend Micro™ Internet Security
  • Trend Micro™ Maximum Security
  • Trend Micro™ Premium Security
  • Trend Micro™ Antivirus for Mac®
  • Trend Micro™ Mobile Security for Apple® iOS
  • Trend Micro™ Mobile Security for Android™
  • Trend Micro™ Password Manager

Trend Micro has always tried to provide comprehensive protection with every newest product it launched. Consumer versions of Trend Micro Security are always built upon their previous year’s edition so that customers get the most extensive security solution available.

Key points of Trend Micro Security for 2017

  • To prevent ransomware from getting your PC files hostage within a folder you choose, it has included an additional layer of ransomware protection for PCs with Folder Shield
  • Extended protection from ransomware for Android™ devices
  • Blocks dangerous links and prevent identity theft in instant messaging apps
  • Vulnerability Scanner for Android devices that notify you about the programs and applications which hackers may exploit
  • App Lock for Android to prevent unauthorized access to applications
  • Stopping online advertising trackers from collecting your online habits and data on iOS
  • Allows private surfing so that your browsing history doesn’t record on iOS

Trend Micro always try to deliver the quality and award-winning security solution to protect customers and their PCs, Macs, and mobile devices from the latest viruses, online threats, and potential malware including ransomware. It ensures that all of its existing customer will be upgraded to its latest version as soon as it is available.