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WhatsApp is a popular messaging application having more than 10 Billion users. The increase in popularity also increases the rivals. A few days back experts told that they got an interesting notification about an application called WhatsApp Plus. While it seems like a premium version of the earlier and hugely admired WhatsApp messaging service, after searching around a bit experts have revealed that the conditions surrounding this application are a bit doubtful.

What does WhatsApp Plus look like?

Initially, the application seems to be an obvious copy of the real WhatsApp. The only difference seen is the WhatsApp icon that is basically blue in this case. This is a great way for making fool of people to think that WhatsApp Plus is a latest version of the original WhatsApp. Whether this infringes any copyrights or not is unidentified.


Who offers WhatsApp Plus facility and where can it be found?

WhatsApp Plus is not present on the real Google Play store and experts claim it will not be available there anytime soon either. As per our records, the only place it can be seen as of now is over the internet on its own particular website. It may be present over some third-party application store, but downloading any applications from such sources is not a good idea.

It seems that, this app was designed by a Spanish developer known as Rafalete in year 2016. WhatsApp Plus is free to download and it looks to hold the similar user license as WhatsApp as well.

How is WhatsApp Plus special from WhatsApp?

Now let’s understand the differences among these two applications and why someone would be tending to install WhatsApp Plus in the first place. Users of this application can enjoy some distinctive visual themes that are not present for the earlier WhatsApp version. It appears that, there are over 500 different themes and skins that can be used for customization. Furthermore, there are hundreds of new smiles and emoticons present on WhatsApp Plus for users as well.

In addition, WhatsApp Plus can also select to hide their ‘last seen’ status so that other user does not come to know when you were last active on the WhatsApp. But, on WhatsApp Plus, this is a paid facility. Android users of the original WhatsApp will be aware that this facility is now available to users for free of cost.

Separately from this, WhatsApp Plus also permits users to send heavier files. This file sharing limit can be extended to 50MB for these users. The original WhatsApp only permits 16MB of files to be shared at a particular time. Various other facilities are also present to WhatsApp Plus users such as modifying the chat images, popup notifications, contacts’ images, widget look and color of the launcher icon.

But, this can be a deal breaker for most users; if you are downloading WhatsApp Plus then you need to compulsory uninstall the original WhatsApp from your gadget. This is quite a strange move and arouses our doubts even further.

So should you install WhatsApp plus or not?

According to expert’s recommendation, user should not install WhatsApp Plus on their phone. Its real origin is unknown and it is also unknown if this app is genuine in the first place. Unless you are a very technical person who roots his Android to make it highly distictive, we recommend you to stay away from WhatsApp Plus and rely to the original WhatsApp like billions other people. In addition, to avoid accidental installation of fake Android applications that can simply steal data, use a genuine antivirus solution like Bitdefender Security. The features and user interface it has is one of the best. The other benefit is that after sale support is outstanding. Just dial toll free number of Bitdefender Technical Support for any help and the technicians are always available to fix the customer issues.