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It was discovered a few days back that millions of routers were hacked in USA to create a large chain of infection. This is a unique move that goes to reveal that not even our routers are secure from attackers. Many offices and homes use Wi-Fi routers for internet so it is crucial to know the need to keep these devices secured.

Suspected Wi-Fi routers lead to threats and fake websites

Unluckily, hackers have now come up with unique methods to infect a router. A weak router is harmful because a hacker can redirect a victim to forge pages that derive data and convince him to install infected programs. In addition, such pages can also have drive-by downloads or infected Java applets that can infect a device. Experienced attackers can even make use of spyware and other software to record real-time videos through the webcam, keyboard strokes, audio recordings via the microphone and other data.

What makes a router suspected?

These evil incidents happen when an infected router redirects to a malicious DNS server. Routers that are susceptible to such threats can be remotely accessed from the web and then manipulated to direct devices to fake websites.

Infected DNS Server

The primary reason of this susceptibility is that a number of users do not change the default password and username for routers that they own. They just use the default entries given by a manufacturer instead. This password and username is needed to access the configuration of the router and it can only be accessed by exploring a unique IP address that the manufacturer offers.

In addition, security patches and fixes for router weakness are released very seldom. So if there is vulnerability seen, it takes a long time to fix. Most users are also not aware about the need to update the software in their routers and this extends the time period for which a router can be exploited.

Steps to make sure router safety

The following methods required to be adhered to in order to stop a router from getting hacked:

  • The predefined password given by the manufacturer must be changed. The method to implement this can be learned from the router user manual or a Google search or a call to the support team.
  • If a firmware update for the router is present, it should be installed immediately.
  • If a router has a hardware firewall, it should be implemented. This Internet firewall security can be enabled from the router settings configuration page.
  • The WAN ping feature from the configuration page should be disabled. This feature permits hackers to check if a WAN IP address is valid.
  • Security encryption like WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) or WPA2 must be enabled. This makes sure that no party can access a WiFi connection and router without the password.

The best system protection software is beneficial for total computer security, but there are few manual steps that require to be taken as well. Hackers can only infect routers and machines if there is some form of weakness for them to exploit and such vulnerabilities can only be found on unpatched devices. It is strongly suggested that you upgrade to Kaspersky for security against the latest malware attacks and attack methods exploited by attackers. Kaspersky Technical Support can be contacted in case of issue with Kaspersky Antivirus.