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Is an enterprise Firewall blocks all potentially harmful traffic at the door? Or are specific groups within the enterprise being given the authorisation to add exceptions to the Firewall list? Reports from experts have shown that even though Firewalls are applied and configured by IT persons, many enterprises actually face outside attack on data and loss because of ever expanding exception lists.

Strong Firewall- Deciding the Fortune of an Enterprise Security

The advantage of offering exception lists for Firewalls and other latest security offerings in enterprise security products like Trendmicro Antivirus is that definite high opportunity groups can be given admission to applications and traffic that everyone should not be allowed to access. But, when IT security policies at organisations are negligent and supple, exception lists become ever rising and overall safety suffers as a consequence.

While IT department take all important steps to deploy Firewalls as part of their enterprise security solutions, it becomes unnecessary when a bulk of applications and traffic are permitted via the exception list.

One major workaround to resolve this is to firmly define and stick to IT safety compliance policies within your association. Network safety is as powerful as its weakest link and human error or carelessness is often the reason behind a bulk of data breaches and network ambiguities. To defend against this, proper employee training and retraining is very important.

Furthermore, experts also recommend that enterprise should set up alert messages that inform the IT department as soon as a Firewall violation happens. This allows the IT experts to act as soon as possible with regards to any possible threats that may disturb the working of your network.

What to keep in mind while configuring Firewalls:

  • Keep in mind the connections of individual users with Web 2.0 software’s. Many people would need access to a specific part of an online service, but not the whole plan. For instance, Google News would be safe, but Hangouts would need to be blocked for people.
  • Configuring Firewalls and related settings should be done within a few clicks. If it takes longer than that, then the procedure requests to be shortened. Trendmicro EPS settings dashboard permits you to manage your Firewall settings with a few simple clicks.
  • Make full use of the Firewall along with other attached features like IPS/IDS, Application Control, Group Policy Management, and more. Using a Firewall in separation is not suggested and only when the whole system works in combination inside, can complete IT safety.
  • Define and stick to clear Firewall rules that differentiate traffic based on domain names, IP addresses, protocols, keywords and even ports. Without the proper setup of Firewall rules, IT compliance policies cannot be maintained.

With Trendmicro at your end, you can fix all unauthorized entry to and from your business network. Incoming data and outgoing data can be managed and synchronised centrally and customisation rules can also be set at unreliable degrees like low, medium or high. But, every Firewall and enterprise safety solution also needs manual intervention from time to time so that any loopholes can be blocked. With the right events in place, your enterprise network can be made approximately unbreakable.

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