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Phishing has become an eyesore of many as the outcomes are worse. The results are always hazardous as they can give birth to breaches and several malware attacks. One of the attacks by which all the IT professionals are acquainted with, is the threat of SMS Phishing. The blog is here again to guide you in being safe from this highly unsafe threat in just a few steps. In case of any confusion and other related issues, contacting the Norton Customer Support engineers can be helpful.

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These phishing scams play on your fear as well! Want to know how? Read on……

  • Somebody stealing your money.
  • Someone doing damage to you or your family.
  • Being suspect of a crime that you did not commit.
  • Something awkward being revealed about you.

Identifying SMiShing scam messages:

Examine texts from your bank: It is good to identify the texts from your bank. Hackers use the alias numbers that exactly look like your bank’s number. So, examining the same by calling the bank’s staff can lessen up your worries. If they say that there is nothing wrong with your account, then consider the SMS as fake. If there is still any doubt, connecting to the Norton Antivirus Support experts can prove to be beneficial.

Be aware of the strange-looking numbers: Email-to-text services usually use ‘5000’ or other odd numbers that are basically not mobile numbers. Hackers and scammers veil their identities by using these services so that the actual numbers are not exposed.

Report Threats: If there comes a time when you or your family receives a threatening message, it is important to report for the same immediately. This will help in battling the issues better and keep the security intact.

Preventing the danger:

Use the cell provider’s text alias feature: Almost all the major cell providers permit the users to set up text alias that the users can use to receive texts. The texts can still come to the phone and the users can send texts, but any person the user  sees the alias instead of the actual number. The user then blocks incoming texts from the real number and give all the friends and relatives the alias he/she is using. Since hackers in some cases won’t guess the alias and cannot look it up in a phone book, using an alias should cut down on the number of spams and smishing texts the user receives.

Enabling the “block texts from the internet” feature: Most smishers send texts through an internet text relay service, which helps in hiding the identities and does not count against the text allowances. Many cell providers will let the users turn on a feature that will block texts that come in from the Internet.


The best way to be safe from the SMS Phishing threats is to be cautious in every sense. It is good to be conscious by following some really beneficial steps as mentioned above. These cyber threats rise at a rapid speed and to have a hold on them. A correct strategy and deep deliberation are required. If there comes a situation of confusion, Norton Technical Support experts can be contacted at any time.