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We are proud to declare the release of the AVG Antivirus 2017 product. So what’s new? Here is a brief description of the latest features that will help secure your devices from all types of unsolicited attacks.


Improved Scan Engine with new device Learning Capabilities

The latest product line comprises of device learning skills in its improved scan engine. This proactively finds new members of known virus families. Device learning helps the scan engine to find threats automatically that leads to higher diagnose rates and a smaller engine size.

Web Browser Sandbox

AVG 2017 brings the much anticipated web browser sandbox feature. A sandbox is a virtual scenario that isolates attacks as and when they arise and stops them from reaching the whole device. Whether you apply Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox, the sandbox makes sure that any browser-exploiting attacks are unable to affect your device. This secures your system against 0-day malware threats and tricky keyloggers.

Windows 10/Ultrabook Ready

Windows 10 is launched and its refurbished changes are highly anticipated. AVG 2017 is ready for Windows 10 and will work wonderfully with this new Windows version, even on Ultrabooks. The software has been successfully tested on the latest RTM designed by Microsoft.

Web Protection and Parental Control now compatible with HTTPS Site Blocking

AVG offers you the ability to block HTTPS enabled websites. More and more websites are using this protocol but such domains can now be blocked. In addition, a user can gain sub-domain control as well. What this means is that now users can stop access to https://mail.google.com but permit access to a sub-domain like http://news.google.com.

Lower Virus Database Size

The solution now needs lesser disk space, uses lesser space for the on-demand scanner and gets installed at a much faster rate. The optimization of signature files used in the 2017 scan engine lowers the Virus Database size by about 100 MB (25%).

USB Device Authentication Support

AVG Total Security users can now use their USB devices even when the Data Protection facility is switched ON. This can be obtained with the support of a password set by a user. This password authenticates the USB drive by default while it is plugged in.

Support Improvement

AVG prides itself for giving world class technical facility and the latest product line has numerous noteworthy offerings. The AVG Dashboard has been improved with easy accessibility to the Support Center and Live Chat facility is offered to interact directly with support persons, amongst other features.

In addition to these ones, other features like Web Security, Core Protection, Email Security, PCTuner, Privacy Protection, and PC2Mobile Scan help to offer the best security against ever innovating threats.

When will the 2017 upgrade be available for current users?

Now for the part that all current users have been waiting for – the 2017 upgrade! The upgrade will be present by late September/early October for all existing AVG users. For mre details users can contact AVG Customer Support for any query. The users who wish to go for the latest version immediately follow these below mentioned steps:

  • Note down your existing Product Key
  • Download AVG 2017 by clicking here
  • Uninstall the current version of AVG
  • Install the latest downloaded version of AVG 2017
  • Activate it with the help of the existing Product Key