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There’s a cause why most people feel painful about the idea of someone spying on them—the spy could possibly hear sensitive or private data. This is precisely the danger that computer user’s face with a severe danger called a “Man-in-the-Middle” (MITM) attack. In this attack, an attacker uses hi-tech tools, such as malware, to capture the data you send on the internet via a website, or through email.


Just imagine you are typing login credentials and financial information on an online banking website, and because the hacker is watching, they can gain access to your data and your account details, or even watch your identity.

The attacker could not only see the traffic, he/she also is proficient to remove it. In some situation even if you use cryptography, it cannot save you from hackers. Just imagine the hacker knows your email and Facebook account password as well as your credit card details, reads your top secret e-mail and also in the even nastiest changes your financial transactions.

A Man in the Middle attack is particularly possible as a result of weakness present in the Address Resolution Protocol. The Address Resolution Protocol forms a situation linking the IP address and the MAC address associated with a system in the wireless LAN. The Address Resolution Protocol fills the ARP memory of the device, which saves MAC and IP address sets of network connected devices. The Media Access Control address is basically a hardware address of a network interface. Any single network connected system has a unique Internet Protocol address and Media Access Control.

Hackers use gadgets in the whole process. Gadgets or devices that perform a Man in the Middle attack are present in provision of almost any device at no cost, in addition to work with mobile phones. No expert knowledge is essential to use the application. A non-technical person has the ability to work with it.

There are a number of ways that hackers can insert themselves in the middle of your online transaction. One common way of this attack involves cyber criminals dispensing malware that gives them access to a target web browser and the data being sent to various websites.

The other type of MITM attack includes a device that most of us have in our homes: that is a wireless router. The hacker could exploit weaknesses in the router’s security setup to capture information being sent via it, or they could fix up a malicious router in a public area, such as a hotel or café.

Another way, MITM attacks cause a serious danger to your online security as they give the hacker the ability to obtain and request personal data posing as a trusted person.

Important Tips to stay protected from a Man-in-the-Middle Attacks:

  • Make sure the websites you use, provide strong encryption method, which scrambles your data while in transit to avoid spying. Check for “httpS:” at the starting of the web address in place of just “http:” which specifies that the site is using encryption.
  • Don’t access personal data when using public Wi-Fi networks that may, or may not, be safe.
  • Change the predefined password on your home Wi-Fi connection so it’s difficult for someone to view.
  • Be cautious of any demand for your personal data, even if it’s coming from a trusted website.
  • Protect all of your computers and mobile devices with complete security software, like Kaspersky Antivirus service to save you from malware and other Internet threats.
  • If you have any installation and configuration problem of Antivirus, simply contact the Kaspersky Tech Support The technician hired by these support companies are expert in their work. They assist their customer in a very simple and easy manner, by assisting them online only.