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As with any latest edition of the Windows operating system, Microsoft has not solely support the feature set you get together with your Windows 8 system, however additionally the protection. In the latest version of Windows8, the standard ‘Start’ screen has been replaced by a covered interface that’s serious on the apps, and it has ultimately been designed with touch-screens like those found on standard tablets and smartphones.

Kaspersky Technical Support

Kaspersky Technical Support

Under the head coverings, however, the security changes in Windows 8 are more than cosmetic.

Microsoft has gone to nice lengths to support security to handle today’s most dangerous threats. Online attackers like hackers, scammers and spammers are all about concerning quietly older computers and maintaining access to an infected machine, and they’ll use malicious code that allows them to avoid detection by antivirus software system. Once on your machine, everything from your personal photos to your on-line banking credentials is in danger.

Trying to stay a step ahead of hackers/ online attackers and other dangerous types of malicious programs, Microsoft has included security capabilities in Windows8 like Early Launch AntiVirus System which allows certified antivirus product such as Kaspersky to launch during the boot operation in an effort to neutralize authorized users which hook themselves into the core internals of an OS and are exceptionally hard to detect and remove.

Microsoft has joined hands with Kaspersky Lab for complete protection to its customers from existing as well as emerging technical threats. The new Kaspersky antivirus suite offered by this trusted partner of Microsoft has complete compatibility with latest version of Windows8.

Kaspersky antivirus is fully integrated with the new operating system along with enlarge virus scanning capability tuned to entirely & closely examine applications developed for the latest tiled interface. This new and advanced Kaspersky antivirus not only scans the technical devices of its customers for infection from viruses, Trojans, spyware and hackers, but will also remove the infected files and flag the applications on customers’technical systems. Hence, customers can find a clean version of Windows 8 from the Windows Store and can install or re- install it.

In addition to deep scanning of the applications on the technical devices of the customers, the support for Early Launch KasperskyAntivirus closes the loop on the security protection required for Windows 8.

By installing & using Kaspersky antivirus, customers not only get the latest protection from technical threats at startup, but for all their computing/ technical activities. Latest feature offered by Kaspersky antivirus includes:

Kaspersky antivirus supports an ‘Automatic Exploit Prevention’ features that technically supervise the launch of executable files like Adobe PDF files, or Web-based executable programs. These files are scanned and then their technical behaviors on customers’ systems are monitored for malicious activities.

Another new feature supported by this efficient Kaspersky antivirus software is “Safe Money” that verifies the integrity of customers’ online banking apps and secures their transactions.

Kaspersky’s Password Manager is a module that supports its technical customers to create strong passwords for their sensitive online accounts, and whenever utilized in conjunction with the new Password Sync module, customers’ secret codes will be stored in the cloud and synchronized across all their Windows8 technical systems.

This latest antivirus software also offers an online backup capability that allows its customers to back up their significant files to an online storage support service known as Dropbox.

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