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IP cameras are basically purchase, connect, and don’t touch devices. But in the current scenario of hackers, they now need daily updates and patches. Otherwise your IP camera may be hacked, join a hacker botnet or leak video without your knowing.


IP cameras are easy targets

Like other Internet-connected gadgets, IP cameras are at great risk from online infections. Latest attacks have shown just how simple it is to hack hundreds of cameras, routers, DVRs and TVs. Manufacturers of these devices are working to lower the known weaknesses by offering patches. But in most cases, the patch needs the owners to take action.

Sony a few days back released new software for 80 models of its IP cameras, to boost their resistance against hackers. They are not the only company to do so, as many of the biggest manufacturers of IP cameras, likes Siemens and Foscam, have released a number of updates in the past year. Manufacturers that introduce patches are doing a service for their users. Internet of Things devices needs regular updates as threats in cyberspace acclimate. Our technology must also get advance or fall victim.

All IP camera owners must know their responsibilities and roles. It is up to owners to keep their Internet of Things devices patched, as well as the phones and computers connecting to them. Letting the devices compromised can influence our safety, security, and privacy. It can also impact others. A latest attack brought down major part of the east coast of the United States when a major domain name service was attacked by tens of thousands of hacked Internet of Things devices, including IP cameras. Such attacks, operated by Internet of Things botnets, are becoming more common. By patching devices, we can save ourselves and the larger Internet community.

Get patching from Kaspersky

Determine the manufacturer and model number of your camera. Visit the Kaspersky website and look for updates and software patches. Follow the installation instructions sensibly! If you connect via applications from your phone or PC, also make sure you have the latest software. We are all digitally attached and all have a duty to do no harm to our collective communication resource, the Internet. Patch and stay current. If you are not familiar with the working of the Kaspersky Antivirus, then don’t worry at all. You can simply call, Kaspersky tech support providing companies. These companies hire only expert technician, having knowledge of tech support.