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Mobile App is developed to ease out the burden and make the life simple of user. It is simple to use, faster in processing as well as more secure. The user has peer to peer access to the mobile application. A mobile application can be installed and directly used from the mobile phone itself. Like a website there is no need to open a link or browse the internet. The major advantages of these mobile apps are:

  • Even if we do not have any sort of Wi-Fi or 3G, we can use the application that is installed in our mobile phone.
  • The application is always seen on the desktop of the device, so the chances of exploring it are greater.
  • In an application, it includes important features that cannot be included on a mobile website.
  • An application can use the whole screen of the device and provide a better graphical interface to the user.


From above advantages, it is imaginable that mobile application doesn’t have any disadvantage, but there are some.

  • It requires more resources and money to develop an application.
  • Updating a mobile application is not as simple as updating a website.
  • For a user to use a mobile application, he or she must first download it, requiring greater skills and brand loyalty.
  • Applications are not available to be downloaded on all mobile gadgets.

In a recent survey, it has been revealed that the mobile application is also not secure, it can be hacked. A leading health lab exposed names, test results, contact details and date of birth of around thirty thousand users. The reason of this leak was of third party health mobile app that gained access to health lab unsecured network. The best part is that the leak doesn’t include any bank details of customers like account number, pin details and passwords. Now, the health lab is taking help from a cyber-security company for securing the data and evaluating the company details.

Why Cyber-criminals need health details?

Health records are the new cash these days. On black markets, they are ten times more expensive than credit card details, according to experts. That’s particularly because stolen details includes Social Security data that can be used in identity theft.

Hackers can also use these details to get other personal data about the target, apply for new credit cards and make fake purchases on their behalf. Also, once the hacker gets access to someone’s secret medical history, he can blackmail the patient with public shaming. Hackers can also use this data to create forged IDs to purchase medical equipment or medicines, or they can combine the data to make complaints to guarantors.

Data and financial losses are not the nastiest that can occur. Once inside a hospital’s network, assailants can inhibit with patient care to cause chaos and even put lives at danger. They could mix up blood samples or drugs, disturb patient monitors or disable gear to cause serious grievance. That’s why developing health apps with security in mind are important for users’ peace of mind.

The healthcare industry is under fire these days. Hospitals are falling victim to a cyber-epidemic that is paralyzing their systems and asking for huge ransoms in return.

Why Small Businesses are Major Targets?

No industry or type of business, big or small, is saved from the cyber-threats. And particularly the small medium businesses are exposed. The first trick they fall into is that they often underestimate their assets and thus, they were major targets for cyber-thieves in 2016.

Every business has personal, patented information, such as worker salaries, income numbers or clients’ credit card details. That’s what cyber-thieves value the most. Similarly, small businesses are often a part in a bigger mystery. If they do business with bigger companies, most possible they are being cast-off to get to the final target.

Thieves have long realized the value of SMBs. Yes, huge, urbane attacks on large companies like Target or Anthem seize the attention of the whole media, but more small businesses are actually targeted than bigger organizations.

Secondly, small business has a high return on investment. Since virus has become so refined that it can leave no hints behind after it steals the data it requires, and with the possibility to buy malware online secretly, the results overshadow the risks.

Finally, small businesses are easier victim than bigger enterprises. The bigger the business, the more IT people and security systems it will have in place to eliminate cyber-threats.

Unluckily, businesspersons not only put safety in the back seat of their business urgencies, but also undervalue the influence a leak of branded information may have on their name, credibility and, eventually, profits. But the fact is a data breach can upset a small or mid-size business.

Digital Sanitization

Employee small mistakes cause many of these breaches. The simplest ones include opening spear phishing emails, a danger that can be alleviated by a security solution for endpoints. This has numerous layers of security for messaging: anti-phishing, anti-spam, antivirus and anti-malware with social analysis and zero-day threat security.

Other vital data protection measures comprise network monitoring, educating employees and data encryption in transit on the dangers of weak passwords, careless online behavior, phishing schemes, and other dangers that may fool them into giving access to your network and assets.

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