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Intended to keep people of the digital world safe, our professionals keep on gathering and imparting information related to matters of cybersecurity on a frequent basis. Adding one more step into their ladder to an online platform where no uncertainty left, today, I have come up with a qualitative content for victims & witnesses of cyberbullying. As the info has been collected under the supervision of trustworthy McAfee Technical Support experts, it will certainly prove to be beneficial. So, let’s start… 

What is Cyberbullying?

It refers to different kind of online abuses such as harassment, attacks, bullying on the reputation of the internet surfers. It can be executed by using fake profiles, dissemination of wrong information, malicious links, and more. The devices slaved and used by cyberbullies to stalk, harass, and abuse others can be any – computers, cell phones, laptops, tablets, and gaming gadgets.      

I’m a victim, What Should I do?

First of all, be calm and understand that this is not because of your fault, there are numerous others suffering from the same issue, and important – aid is accessible. After that, follow the below tips:

  • Talk to trustworthy adults such as parents, teachers, cybersecurity professionals, etc.
  • Get most out of the online resources designed to prevent the threats from entering into your device
  • There are many websites that proffer not just the advises but help services also. Don’t hesitate to attain aid from them
  • Keep evidence of cyberbullying. They can be emails, posts, blogs, text or social media messages
  • Difficult but important – don’t respond to messages that seem suspicious
  • If needed, consult your telecommunication service provider and get the phone number blocked.
  • In case of sensing anything suspicious (for example – criminal behavior or presence of threat) don’t hesitate to contact the authority like police or IT professionals.

 If you don’t have the idea about how to execute any of the aforementioned practice, ask our McAfee Antivirus Support executives to aid you.

I’m a witness, What Should I do?

If you sense something wrong while having fun on social media sites or communicating with your friends, you should not stay quiet. There are many reasons that stop you from reacting against cyberbullying. Some of them are as follows:

  • Fear of being the target to cyberbullying
  • Wrong thoughts of worsening the circumstances
  • Terror of jeopardizing your online to social status

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Sometimes, making the decision on ‘how to aid the victim deprived of the risk of turning the harms more problematic’ is really difficult. Don’t worry, search for the websites that offer tips useful for supporting the victims of cyberbullying without creating more mess. Common tips to aid the sufferers are:   

  • Understand that the internet surfers are just simple users and have performed nothing wrong, hence, they should not be treated in such a way.
  • Increase their confidence level by informing them that they can easily get help in this regard.
  • Organize motivational sessions where teachers, parents, or another professional are there to make them feel safe.
  • Ask them to take and keep screenshots of cyberbullying as proofs
  • Suggest them to report the abuses to the applicable social media networks. Reporting features of those platforms will help them in doing so.
  • Praise them for their courage and have conversations about things, facts, matters, and more that will help them.

Conclusion: Cyberbullying is truly a sensitive problem for online visitors. Being difficult to be addressed, it is a matter that can affect near about everyone whether one is a new internet surfer or an experienced online marketer. In other words, cyberbullying is one of the worst examples displaying the dark sides of technological advancements. For help about subjects like doubts, fears, queries, tips or others, feel free to contact the certified McAfee Customer Support professionals.