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75 iOS apps out there at Apple store are currently facing a security vulnerability. So, what basically are these apps vulnerable to, you might be thinking? To data theft particularly, silent man-in-the-middle attacks that permit cyber criminals or hackers to intercept and access user data ranging anywhere from important healthcare, personal or financial data.

iOS Vulnerability cause risk to 75 Apps

So, where does this huge vulnerability come from? Despite Apple’s latest push on developers toward greater app safety, a misconfiguration in the back-end of these apps has form a big security hole. This weakness even causes Apple’s App Transport Security(ATS) mechanism a security need for apps to use a safe network connection over HTTPS to interpret unsafe connections as valid.

Nineteen of the 75 vulnerable apps pose a major risk for users, the blog post continues, as they give hackers the skills to stop financial or medical service login details or session authentication tokens. Researchers will wait 60 to 90 days before revealing the list of medium and major risk apps, to give their developers time to fix the problem. A list of affected low-risk apps can be seen in the App store.

The issue is not fixable on Apple’s end, added researchers team, who noted that they found several more applications with a high chances of possessing the same weakness, but chose only to count those ones that are 100 percent infected.

All this above data means if a hacker exploits any of the weaknesses in these hundreds  of apps, they can collect vital data that is needed across a network from that application. That could be anything, from credit card information used for your newest purchase or healthcare data sent to your doctor the chances are endless.

And with rumor circulating that hundreds of more iOS apps could be vulnerable to this same weakness, it’s important that developers build a strong layer of security into their apps.

Until they develop, here are a few tips for securing your apps and mobile gadgets from data theft:

Don’t share every detail with your application

Until strong safety measures are applied, keep what personal information you share with your apps to a minimum. Only share data that is absolutely important, and be doubtful when apps are asking for more information than they should need to operate.

Do your research

If you are discussing personal data into an app, do your research, and refer to genuine App Store reviews. Look into the app’s safety standards, scope out app reviews if it something comes off remotely fishy or unsafe, it may be best to avoid the whole app fully.

Do not use public Wi-Fi

A public Wi-Fi network can be the best spot for a cybercriminal to access your data, since it’s openly shared across a public space. Do your best to stay away of the public Wi-Fi, but if you really require immediate internet access, use a trusted Virtual Private Network(VPN) instead.

Go for reliable Antivirus

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