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The way air, food and water are essential for survival; the smart phones are also becoming essential for survival. Human can’t live without smart phone as it has become an integral part of life. Every task is done through smart phone and it is taking the place of laptop or desktop. With this importance of smart phone, here’s a quick combo of some basic tips and tricks to secure your smart phone from threats and theft.

How to Secure your Smartphone from Threats and Thefts

Go for Your Smart Phone’s Auto-Lock Facility

The term lock is where security starts from, whether it is your car, smart phone or your home. Keeping your phone locked with a difficult to recognize pin code or password is the easiest security feature you can take. And given the fact how most of us basically forget to lock our phone, the auto-lock could be a really helpful facility. It offers you two main advantages:

– Keeps unknown people from accessing through your smart phone.

– Keeps hackers from stealing or misusing your data.

Know which Applications Can Affect your Secrecy

You may have installed few apps that have access to your contact information, calendar events, location of your device, videos, photos, camera, your device ID, etc. In short, such applications have access to your private data, and may affect your secrecy. So, either verify the permissions cautiously before installing an application, or get software for your smart phone that can help you check applications that are already installed on your smart phone.

Know how to secure your Smartphone if it gets Stolen/Lost

If not you live in a world of Good Samaritan folks, it is important that you follow this safety measure. Losing your smart phone not only means losing your personal data forever, but it also triggers the dangers of your data being misused by unscrupulous people. Things can get uglier if yours smart phone has confidential information about the organization you work for. So, one best way to avoid all these risks is to get an anti-theft application that can help you take the following steps if your device gets stolen/lost:

  • Lock your smart phone
  • Track your mobile device’s current GPS position
  • Delete the whole data from your smart phone

Know Who’s Calling

In addition to your personal identity, your contact number is a cash cow for several firms, particularly telemarketing services. Once you got a call from such services, your contact details will be shared with similar services that too will contact you and send you promotional messages. The trick to avoid falling into the trap of such unwanted services is to stop taking calls from any unknown numbers in the first place. There are some official mobile apps that display the caller’s details before you get the call. Most of these apps also help you block mobile numbers that send unnecessary messages.

Physical Safety is also essential

Equally essential is the safekeeping of your phone device. Losing it while travelling in a crowded subway, forgetting it in a bar, or letting it slip away into the hands of a thief, are some of the most simple ways people lose their smart phones. So, keep your phone in difficult-to-access places, particularly when in a busy place, will keep interested eyes of thieves off your smart phone.

For situations where your smart phone gets stolen or lost, anti-theft mobile security software can be of great help. McAfee Total Security for Android phone has everything that you require to protect your mobile not only from burglars, but from the new virus threats spreading up on the Internet. And now some latest features have been added to the software. One of them is Personal Safety, which can help you in times of emergency. The other feature is after sale support, if you face any issue while installing and configuring McAfee, simply contact the McAfee Technical Support. The technicians are always available to fix the customer issues.