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What is the main thing we do when we buy a new phone or get our hands on a new mobile? No points for thinking! We start downloading apps of several types like the messaging, games, wallpaper, utility, and media streaming, and so on. But hold your breath! Are we alert about what we let inside our smartphones? Unhappily, most of us aren’t. The Google Play Store has always been in the headlines for being infected with bogus and malicious apps. And that is why; we must keep our eyes open for every app that we download on our phone to make sure that it does not lead us on the hunting ground of scammers and hackers. So, here are some really easy tips on how to recognize bogus apps in the Google Play Store. Learn them down, if you will.

How to Recognize Bogus Apps in the Google Play Store

Tips to Recognize Bogus Android apps

  1. Do a little investigation about the developer of the app you want to install. The developer’s name is mentioned right below the app. Search the name on Google and see what you get. A real developer is most likely to have a proper website and other valid and certifiable details on the Internet.
  2. Have a look on the developer’s profile too. Those with tags “Top Developer” or “Editor’s Choice” are least likely to be suspicious.
  3. Very significant – read all app permissions properly. A bit of knowledge is what can help you tell the right from the wrong. The rule of thumb to recollect here is, the authorizations asked by an app must fulfill with its functions/features. For example, if Skype app needs your permission to contact SMS, call logs, media files, etc., then that’s okay, because these are necessary for clear reasons. On the other hand, if a gaming app or a flash light app requires similar permissions, stay away – that’s a bad app!
  4. Not all the apps in the Google play store are “apps” but they are simply mobile websites. Noticing this is also a vital step to recognize forge apps in the Google Play Store. And if you experience any such apps, particularly those that are crowded with ads then stay away. Genuine developers develop “apps” that can be beneficial to you and not mobile websites to cheat you into clicking on ads or other links.
  5. Seeing user ratings and reading their reviews also helps. In most situations, if an app is fake or malicious, it is likely that you will come across reviews that say so.
  6. Another top method to find out if an app is not what it seems to be is to just ask the Internet. Google “Is App safe to install”. If the app has a bad status, it will show up in the search results.

Google Play might have risky apps, but it is way safer than unauthorized and third party app stores. You might be allured into discounts and other ‘advantages’ for downloading apps from such websites, but know that, you are exposing your secrecy and security by doing so. If reality be told, hackers and scammers stay one step advance of us; tirelessly lattice plans to trick us. There are times, when it is just unbearable for normal users to recognize bogus or malicious apps. And how can they? These apps look just like the real ones. And it is in these conditions, where we might just let our mobile phone be measured by a scoundrel app measured by a cyber-criminal sitting in some dirty corner of the world. A simple counter amount to this sort of problematic is a mobile security app. With continuous scan and real-time apprises, this app can block fake and hateful apps from being installed on your device. And it can also block infections spread via negotiated websites.

So, whenever you come across an exciting app, do consider using the instructions discussed above, and have dependable Android mobile security software installed on your phone. There are multiple securities Antivirus available in the market these days. But, the AVG Antivirus is one of the best antiviruses among all other Antiviruses. You can simply install the antivirus and avail the best security for your devices. If you need any assistance of Antivirus, then simply call the AVG Antivirus Tech Support.