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Printer use is an important part of our daily life. Whether you are using a printer at home or office, the modus operandi of its use is same. Getting HP printer for home or office use is one of the best decisions. HP printers are one of the top value printers with latest features in its pot.



One of the innovative technologies of HP printers is that you can easily print a file wirelessly without the use of wireless router. To do this, you have to create a node to node wireless network. This node to node network is also referred as the ad hoc network.

Instructions for setting up node to node wireless network between your printer and PC are as follows:

  • Make sure the printer settings are at factory default, if not make sure to do this. Doing this is totally optional if your printer is currently linked to your wireless network of home.
  • To do that, you can look for the instructions mentioned on your printer’s handbook.
  • After resetting the settings, your HP printer will get cut off from the network it was first connected to.
  • Switch on the printer’s wireless by going through the instructions from the printer’s guidebook.
  • Next, look for a local wireless network from the list present in the network being shown on your monitor screen. You will get a network with name beginning from hp or HP. This is the wireless network being launched from your printer only.
  • Connect to this wireless network named HP. Remember, while setting up a node to node network connection, you don’t require a wireless password.
  • Install the software for your HP printer.
  • During the software installation process, you will be asked to select from three choices:
  1. From the network
  2. Network
  3. Wireless
  • This choice will rely upon the version of the software.
  • Once opted, the software will by default identify your HP printer over the network.

If you computer device is not able to identify the network beginning with HP or hp, then precede the following:

  • Reset your HP printer’s network settings to factory one. This can be easily completed by following the instructions given on in the printer’s manual.
  • Let node to node networking in your computer device by selecting the methods depending upon the operating system you are having installed on your computer device.

The above steps will definitely help you to print wirelessly. At any point of time, if you experience any trouble in doing so then call the HP Printer Support team. The technical staff will surely guide you with the best possible solution.

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