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Most of the world famous antivirus vendors have four or more products to offer to the users which are developed specifically to secure either devices or network. The vendors often offer three main products Antivirus (free/pro), Internet Security, and Total Security. All the three products serve different purpose and deliver the security to your single device, network, or multiple devices. These tiers are designed and developed according to the users’ needs and users can select the required product according to their need and the features available in the tier to secure computer or network.


Many computer and Internet users find it difficult that how many features they need, which product they should pick, and what are the parameters to test antivirus programs. So below is a list of tiers are given that you need to find at least in your security product:

Free Antivirus (Sometimes)

Some vendors offer free antivirus with some basic modules. Some of them also offer a free firewall into the offering. Most of the free antivirus applications are capable of catering the user’s security needs. In fact some vendors are more populate for their free products rather than paid ones. Some of them are available for free and some are available on trial basis. Usually free antivirus has these following basic modules:

  • Real-Time Protection
  • Manual Scans
  • Web Protection
  • Malicious Email Protection

Antivirus Pro/Plus

Depending on the company’s choice some of them are called Antivirus Pro, Antivirus Plus, Pro Antivirus, or just Antivirus. Among all the three other paid products, this tier of antivirus is usually is available at the lowest cost. Along with the basic modules, paid antivirus products include the following features:

  • Browser Cleanup
  • Password Protection
  • Sandbox (depends on the vendor whether the product is included or not)

If you’re thinking of buying a pro version of a free antivirus, check the features first and compare your choice of application with other product and then make a decision.

Internet Security

Till now, after free antivirus, Internet Security is the second-most popular solution. This program includes the basic antivirus module with a firewall. Firewall is the biggest selling feature of the Internet Security and typically this solution boast a suite of features, like:

  • Ad-Block
  • Banking Protection
  • Anti-Theft
  • Anti-spam (different from email protection).

Total Security/Total Protection

This product is like icing on the cake. Total Security/Total Protection has all the features of Internet Security along with extra perks. It’s one of the most expensive protections and usually vendors market it as the Top Rated or Best Choice. This product includes perks like:

  • Cloud Backup (usually 10 to 50 GB)
  • Parental Control
  • Optimization/Performance
  • File Safe/File Guard


Some vendors sell their products with other names and versions like Standard, Deluxe, and Premium, Smart Security, Antivirus Plus, Security Essential, 360 Total Security, etc.

Which One to Pick?

It’s totally your choice that which product you want to buy and use. Select the product according to your choice. For a wise decision, compare the features like antivirus engine, firewall, ant-theft tool, price, your device’s operating system, etc. and if you are still not able to take right decision then you can contact our antivirus technical support services and our experts will assist you.