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Data breach is one of the most serious threats for any firm; large, medium, and small. This blog post takes you through a rapid questionnaire that will help you know how vulnerable your company is to data breach.

What is Data Breach?

When secret data of a business or an individual is lost or maliciously obtained by miscreants for whatever need, it is known as data breach. Such safety mishap can have a serious effect, particularly on enterprises. The effect can happen in the form of heavy grievances, disturbed operations, dissatisfied customers, and brand erosion.

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1.) How organised is your Company’s Data Bank?

Even if you take a rough estimate about the amount of sensitive data that any odd firm processes in a week, the records would be no where below than 10 – 25 terabytes. And clearly, the records tend to increase with time. So, with such huge amount of data, with no device to monitor it in real-time, data breach becomes a serious issue here.

2.) Is your Employees Phish-Proof?

Phishing, in spite of its old-world uniqueness, still stays the heavy weight champion in the arena of cyber-crime. In a phishing attack, targets will get spoofed emails that look like to have been sent from a trusted firm. Such emails objective is to trick their victims into exposing sensitive information, or click infected links to drop malware. So, out of 100 employees, even if one falls in trick to a phishing email, the safety of the whole corporate network could be affected.

3.) How powerful is your Defence management against Malware?

No matter what, the only goal cyber hackers have is to make their attacks more complicated and destructible with time. The seriousness of most malware rely on how well they can stay into hiding; in other words, their skill to escape detection by safety software. For example, the malware like Debone and Vobfus help each other evade security systems, by downloading a variant of the other. Also, there are several kinds of malware that can stay dormant within a network for months, and sometimes years, waiting for the correct time to strike.

4.) Do you have any Suspects?

When it comes to stopping data breach, being a saver with your currency is wise. A blindfold guess that your surroundings are filled with angels only means moving deeper into trouble. Have you any idea about placing a threat evaluation exercise in place, to identify both external and internal attacks to your IT security? A threat analysis must start with finding financially-driven activists, hackers, and most significantly serious cyber spying.

5.) Who’s the culprit in your Organisation?

Security should always start at home. History shows that, monetarily, data breaches caused by internal user hit harder than those ending up from external sources. So, define the importance of the data your business depends on. This would help you measure the significance of managing the activities of your staff. And all these hard work will go into offering you a 360 degree view of your whole threat landscape.

6.) Who is the Weak Link in your Chain of IT security?

IT security is like a chain having several links, weather it is machines or humans. One vulnerable link in this chain is all that attackers need to trigger a full blown attack against the whole corporate network. So finding the weakest spot or a potentially vulnerable spot in your blanket of safety should be a no-brainer. For beginners, you can start with educating your staff about the significance of using strong passwords. Experts say that humans are the weakest link in security; it’s time to do something about this statement.

7.) How serious are your associates about their Data Security?

Talking about “weakest link” again, your associates can also turn into the reason of a safety disaster in your network. After all, it is with them that you swap, may be not totally, but a good part of critical data. And this detail is not hidden from cyber hackers. A single data breach in your associate’s network can work as the oil for cyber hackers to blaze your firm.

8.) Are you sure you do not need anything more than just an Antivirus?

The roots of malware have grown so deep, that putting your business security only in the hands of antivirus, is like losing the war before it even begins. A multilayered defence strategy should be your first choice, so that even if any layer of security goes down, the other one is still there to stop a full breach. Right from the gateway till the end point, every module should be secured. Eset Security Software is one of the leading Multi-layer security programs that can protect your business from Data Breach. Eset also provides reliable support after sales. User can simply contact Eset Technical Support for any support regarding installation and upgrading of antivirus.

The world is rapidly digitalizing, creating bigger avenues for cyber attackers. There is no lack of resources that can help us safe our digital resources. We only require choosing what we have, what we need to defend, and where to look for the right security.