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Smart phones are comprises of the Android operating system that seems much advance in comparison of simple telephones. Previously, the phones were used only for the purpose of calling but today these advance smart phones can store/ comprise users’ emails, contact lists, personal as well as enterprise data, photos, songs and even all the text messages sent and received by a user. Now think! What if you lose all of this important data suddenly? Must be very annoying. Hence, in order to raise the probabilities that the users may be capable to locate their Android smart phone if anyhow they lose it, they should set up the AVG Antivirus application on their tech device, after that sign in with the help of AVG Antivirus service provider. Users can make use of the AVG Antivirus website to determine their phone’s modern-day location with the usage of Google Maps. Remember one thing that users must have a Google account to utilize this service.

avg support

avg support

AVG Antivirus is a security product manufactured and distributed by AVG Technology experts in category of Antivirus. AVG Antivirus is available in wide range. The free addition of all of its ranges are for everyone. Users can download it for free from the official AVG home page. AVG antivirus is well known for providing world class security services for its customers. This proficient security suite has won hundreds of awards along with top marks for offering “real world” protection services and performance, to make its customers feel that they are in safe hands now. The AVG antivirus can safeguard its customer’s personal computer, laptops, smart phones, web usage, email messages, etc., from virus, malware, spyware and many other suspicious activities. Avg support protection of all technical devices such as Window PC, MAC, and Android.

AVG Antivirus Online Security for all

Families: AVG antivirus’s main goal is to provide a world where individuals can enjoy their online lives without worries and technical troubles.

Businesses: Every year, the online threat harms the businesses and wastes their lot of time & money. Therefore AVG Antivirus offers award-winning protection of their important data and thus streamlines their information technology.

AVG antivirus is a security colonizer, providing a wide range of customer security services, performance and privacy support solutions for individual customers, small & large businesses. If you want to know more about this efficient AVG Antivirus, then contact the certified technical customer support experts of a reliable third party technical support offering firm like VSupport24. The technical support experts at this firm will provide satisfactory information about all the technical or product related queries. Customers just have to make a call on the toll-free AVG Antivirus Support Phone Number1-888-483-4910 to get the solutions for all the technical or non- technical queries that they have. Adding to the efficiency of AVG Antivirus, our technical support experts have provided steps (below) to properly utilize its service of ‘locating the lost smart phone’.

Steps to locate your Lost Smart phone with AVG Antivirus

Step 1: Start with Opening the ‘Market app’ on their smart phone.

Step 2: Now, Search for “AVG Mobilation” followed by tapping the “Antivirus Free” option in the list of search results, and then installing the app.

Step 3: Open the installed AVG app followed by clicking “Accept” option and then pressing the “Menu” button.

Step 4: Now, Click the “Remote” icon in the opened list

Step 5: Check out the box present next to “Location Service” and hit “Registration”

Step 6: Type your Google account name into the text box and click “OK.”

Step 7: Again click “OK” to complete your registration with AVG Antivirus

Step 8: Search for AVG Mobilation.com whenever you need to locate your technical device.

Step 9: Hit the “Login” button present in the upper right corner of the Webpage. Click “OK” and rest for a while to allow the website to get access to your Google account.

Step 10: A window containing ‘Google Map’ get opens here, click the “Locate” option. Now, provide all the asked details like; your phone number by typing it into the “Phone No.” field, selecting the cellular company from the “Operator” drop-down menu, etc.

Step 11. Click on “Next”, here the AVG server will send a signal to the phone and then determines its place and shows it on the Google Map.

If the steps mentioned above are not helpful or useful but face some technical issues then take the help/ assistance support of VSupport24, a technical customer support firm that IS appreciated for offering quality AVG Antivirus Technical Support. Our support services are well- backed by the team of skilled & trained customer support professionals, therefore delivers best technical customer support services at no, minimum or reasonable rates. The customer support services offered by our AVG Antivirus technical experts are known for their extreme precision. Concerning the technical requirements of the customers, we believe in offering customer satisfactory support services to all who reach us. To get the reliable technical customer support services call on our AVG Antivirus Technical Customer Support Phone Number 1 888-855-4872 (USA) and 1800 832 424 (AUS) or the customers can also reach our website to get the AVG Antivirus technical customer live chat support if don’t want the technical customer phone support for your antivirus. Both the phone support as well as the chat support by the certified and experienced technical customer support experts of our team is available round the clock to serve our customers. We believe that every individual has a right to safekeeping and secrecy and thereby doing our best to offer just that much to our technical customers.