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Password leaks and targeted threats are not new; Heartbleed is one of the newest security bug that has gained huge attention of media. There is a lot of vagueness related to the bug about what it is and how to fix the loss of password issues confront due to it.

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Here, in this blog the user will get to know what Heartbleed is and to protect the online threats from this bug. Globally, the bug has attacked approximately 20% web servers. Hence, it might possible that even you become its victim in the future. Read the below mentioned points to get Heartbleed bug related help.

What is Heartbleed?

In OpenSSL (Secure Sockets Layer technology) cryptographic software library, one of the serious or dangerous vulnerabilities is Heartbleed bug that steals the protected information using the SSL/TLS encryption, ideally used to protect the internet and various applications of it like email, instant messaging, web and various others VPNs (virtual private networks).

If your computer is protected by the vulnerable version of OpenSSL software then the bug will allow anyone on the internet to read the systems memory. This process allows the attackers to steal the necessary information of the computer user such as credit/debit card details, passwords and other necessary information.

It signifies that your computer or antivirus software is all fine whereas this error harm the people who run their websites on SSL technology. Also, while using the internet it’s not easy to figure out that which application is getting affected by Heartbleed bug.

What all online services and websites are affected?

The affected websites have already taken the necessary steps as a precaution though some are still working on it. Below mentioned are some of the common websites, with the higher chance of losing the important information and password.







Yahoo Mail










This is quite a big list and its actually not the end, various other websites also become a victim.

As you can see, the list is quite big. There are several more websites that have been attacked, so the potential damage here is considerable. Various online tools help the user to know whether the specific URL is altered or not. These tools helps the user to keep a track of whether their online websites are affected by Heartbleed or not. Additionally, keep changing the account details and online banking transaction details to protect them from theft.

What do you have to do?

To fight Heartbleed bug, it is advised to continuous change the online passwords. Also, stay attentive if detect any unusual act of your account. Spread about the bug and ask your friends to stay attentive and aware.

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