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Floki Bot is a new financial malware that is popular with Russian, English, and Portuguese speaking underground hacker markets, that is winning over hacker with new functionality and features. It is presently in use by a number of hacker groups all over the world and is sold on the cyber market for around US$1,000, according to Cisco Talos and Flashpoint.


Improvements flourish regularly

Floki Bot is the best example of the evolutionary launch and reuse strategy of hackers. Based upon the admired Zeus Trojan Version that was released five years ago, this new Floki bot variant sports many latest technologies to bypass eradication and detection by security experts. It has updated software to escape Deep Packet Inspection, a cyber-security technique used to identify infected software; and the extensibility to use The Onion Router (TOR) network for hiding network traffic causes. Floki Bot uses a variety of obfuscation methods to hide its sensitive program. The Floki bot also sports advanced technique to hide data from one of its major targets, point-of-sale devices. Overall, the Floki bot keeps a number of Zeus tricks while adding upgrades to stay up to date with the latest security tactics and controls.

Different engineering technique

Based upon communication traffic data, it seems that numerous parties, probably with various languages, might have donated to the formation of this malware. As cyber-criminals do often collaborate, the outcome brings together a proficient new malware to the internet. This cooperation of hackers is becoming more common, with numerous experts working with each other to develop the next generation of virus.

In some cases, the sharing is not planned. There are numerous examples of nation-states that have accompanied cyber-attacks as other parties interrupted their well-developed code, only to reverse engineer it and go for the code they found interesting in their own schemes. This is the method of next-generation malware designers. They do not need to understand everything by themselves; they can influence a community for support and reuse the best module of other code for maximum benefit.

Security to follow

If Floki Bot is any sign of the development of malware, we should suppose faster cycles of release for more infectious code and technique. Teamwork will boost as groups work with each other to monetize efforts and cheat victims in more efficient and innovative methods. The cyber security experts are fighting not only the malicious code, but also the coder who are innovating and cooperating to undermine our privacy and security.

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