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After a flood of different ransomware attacks that hit organizations across the globe, security experts have now found a new version of malware “EternalRocks” that is more risky than WannaCry and is more difficult to fight.

EternalRocks Ransomware

According to the security experts, “EternalRocks” attacks the same weakness in Windows that helped WannaCry spread to devices. It also uses a NSA tool named as “EternalBlue” for propagation, Fortune reported a week ago.

It also employs six other NSA tools, with names like EternalRomance, DoublePulsar (which is also part of WannaCry) and EternalChampion, according to the experts.

In its current functionality, “EternalRocks” does not have any infected data—as it does not lock or encrypt files, or use compromised devices to build a botnet – but leaves attacked devices vulnerable to remote commands that could ‘trigger’ the infection at any time.

“EternalRocks” is dangerous than WannaCry as it does not have any vulnerability, including the kill switch that an expert used to help contain the ransomware.

EternalBlue also comprise a 24-hour activation delay to try to manage efforts to study it, the report revealed.

The last few days have seen a flood of cyber-attacks that have rendered organizations helpless around the globe.

First it was WannaCrypt or WannaCry that spread by taking benefit of Windows weakness that Microsoft released a security fix for in April. It encrypted files on infected devices and asked for payment for unlocking them.

WannaCry had some drawbacks that made it simpler to slow and avoid.

After experiencing a severe “WannaCrypt” ransomware threat, another type of malware slowly started generating digital cash from devices it infected.

Tens of thousands of devices were affected globally by the “Adylkuzz attack” that attacked devices, let them work and only slowed them down to generate digital money or “Monero” crypto currency in the background.

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