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New York City is one of those locations that people from around the world make a trip to see. During the long weekend season, Radio City Music Hall and the Madison Square Garden are the most visited places that many families visit annually. Similarly, other locations are an inspiration for fans of sports and shows.


Unfortunately, the popularity of some of these milestones caught the eyes of cyber-criminals like the hackers. In a recent report, the owners of Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall declared that they were the victims of a data loss.

The whole data loss incident was active from last November to November this year. Cyber-criminals are said to have likely stolen user information from credit and debit cards used for payment at food and beverage stores.

The best way to save your credentials from hackers is to do online transaction with only those website that provide following features.

SSL or Secure Socket Layers

This is one of the basic needs for any e-commerce website. SSL is shown by a green bar in the address field of a browser with a lock image. It is also showed by the S suffix in the address bar in HTTPS. What this secure socket layers means is that all data that is managed over the internet is encrypted. This is a basic protocol that protects the data that is offered between the customer and the website and stops identity theft, leakage of data as well as other information such as the service provider or the web host from opening the data.

While making a modified account on an e-commerce website, users are asked to enter personal data and also create a password. Though these needs may seem safe, most customers are suspicious about providing data online and therefore it is difficult to promise them that their data is being channeled in a safe and protected manner.

Third Party Security

When a user does a financial transaction online, they have to use a debit or credit card. This commonly involves disclosing sensitive data and many users are wary of doing this. In order to guarantee users that the online transaction protocols of their e-commerce website are safe, it is standard to feature a third-party authorization of the security measures that are in place.

Improving Site Interface

Another indirect but important advantage of having standard security protocols in proper place on the e-commerce website is that it can contribute to the high ranking of the website on search engines. E-commerce websites are most vulnerable to hacker attacks and malware infection. So search engines will reduce e-commerce websites rankings that do not give adequate protection to users. This means that they can easily increase traffic to their website by ensuring secure online transactions.

Make it Simple for the Customer

The marketing objectives of these websites use cookies to track customer shopping patterns. But, it is sensible to observe governing conditions and seek the user’s advice before they do so. Asking for too much data is also a turn off for most customers. The website may be doing so in the interests of security but it is essential to make every step of the e-commerce process as user-friendly as possible. There are a lot of things e-commerce websites can learn from traditional retail stores that include displaying the products and services in a regular manner and letting the user to browse in privacy.

All these features must be kept in mind before doing online transaction. All these features are from the website, now what you need in your system for secure online transaction is mentioned below.

Anti-Spyware/ Adware/Malware Software

We have to keep an eye on malicious software such as aware and spyware that are possible dangerous for our device. It also installs to our system automatically like a virus but they are more harmful than the virus. They record all typing on the keyboard as well as your passwords and other personal data that may be cause great financial losses for us.

Internet is also loaded with this software that can get loaded into your computer. They are mostly the free version. Never click on attractive advertisement as they are malware. Select good and reputed Anti-malware software in order to save your personal data.

Install Firewall Software

Firewall software is also essential software in our computer. It can stop the unauthorized program or hackers from entering into the computer system. These malicious software including Trojans, virus, worms, are all present over the internet, we should be attentive about their attacks. If we have Firewall software, we would have less difficulty when we are surfing on the internet. You can install this software easily, by the way this has present in Windows as standard.

Anti-Virus Software

Virus in our system also causes a lot of inconvenience in the transaction process. Now most of us install anti-virus software for our system, but we must be careful about the virus. If we got a nameless email, we will not open it because we fear it might be a virus. In addition, we are cautious about download with the same reason. So we require selecting suitable anti-virus software for our system. There are many anti-virus software available online, you can download it for free or buy it. Kaspersky is leading Anti-virus software that can simply be installed to remove all viruses. To get any assistance, of installation and updating of Kaspersky antivirus, simply contact Kaspersky tech support.

Anti-virus software also requires regular update, because the new virus is developing constantly. If you don’t update your virus regularly, it would not identify this new virus, so you must install the latest virus software to save your system form malicious attack.