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Do you get a lot of unnecessary and advertisement emails in your inbox on a daily basis? If so, then you are certainly not alone as there are numerous people who get plenty of such emails on a regular basis. Hackers and spammers usually get email addresses in bulk from their sources or even send out emails to arbitrarily typed email addresses, in the anticipation that some of the email addresses will be correct and some recipients would reply.

Benefits of not unsubscribing from Spam Emails

Most of these spam emails appear forge to people who are aware about the safety risks. Email recipients who have this information, and particularly the ones who cannot differentiate between a forge email and a real one, often click on the safe looking ‘UNSUBSCRIBE’ button somewhere in this email. Most recipients feels that they are taking a step to avoid such emails from coming through in the future, this is particularly a highly inadvisable move, and here in this blog post we will inform you why you should not unsubscribe from spam emails.

Reason # 1- You verify that your email address is correct.

When the hackers send out spam emails to billions of people they are not confirm about how many accounts are correct and actively used. By tapping on a button within the email, you make sure to the attacker that your email address is valid and it is correctly being used by someone. As a result, your email address gets a promotion into their list of active and valid email addresses to target.

Reason # 2- You verify that the subject matter appeals you.

When you tap on a button within the email, you make sure to the attacker that you opened the email for some cause. In most situations, this shows that the subject matter is quite appealing interest to you. It could be anything about a free iPod or a free lottery win or anything else. But this shows the hacker that he can now target you with that specific topic if he tries harder.

Reason # 3- You reveal details about your email software.

Sometimes, tapping on UNSUBSCRIBE may open up an email window. In addition to proving that your email address is valid, sending such a mail will reveal what email software you use as well. Whether you are going with Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail or some other email software, this data will be received by the hacker and he can use this against you.

Reason # 4- You are redirected to a new browser window.

The link that you clicked on may be deliberately ingested within the email so that whoever clicks on it is taken to a new browser window and a new webpage. This is highly dangerous as the hacker can then get your IP address and geographical position. The websites can even have further data that may trick you. More importantly, some websites have what are known as ‘Drive-by Downloads’. These are infected downloads that start as soon as the website is visited.

Reason # 5- You start a download on your PC.

Some attackers may even expect that people may want to tap on the UNSUBSCRIBE button. As a result, they will themselves place an important UNSUBSCRIBE sign in their email and influence people into clicking on that. We never know what will occur after clicking on such a button. The functionality of the link can be totally different from what the text says. So this might potentially play right into the hacker’s hands and this could take you to an infected website, start a malicious download and also reveal that your email account is active.

What you should do:

So in such situations, what exactly requires to be done in order to eliminate these potentially unsafe circumstances? Here are some important tips that will help.

Tip # 1- Delete the email

You can also choose to delete the email straight from your inbox, without essentially opening the email. All email clients have an easy way to do this and you will only need to check a box in front of the spam email, and tick on Delete.

Tip # 2- Report Email as spam

If you have opened a spam email, there will be a feature to report the mail as spam. This will straight away remove the email from your inbox. Besides, it will permit your email provider to identify which emails you deem as spam, and it will straight away send similar emails to the spam folder in the future.

Tip # 3- Make use of Email safety feature

AVG products have an in-built Email Safety feature that stops spam emails and malicious mails from reaching your inbox. Make use of this facility to stay safe against risky emails. For any technical support regarding AVG, simply contact AVG tech support toll free number. The technicians are always there to help the customers. They will fix the issues by taking the remote access of the device and suggest the tips to stay protected in future.