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An antivirus solution for a good business needs to be simple to use, yet very strong. Not all businesses have their own Information technology department or can have enough money to hire technical consultants.


We have seen a lot of business of different antivirus software come and go. Many businesses try to get away with free of cost options that may be sufficient for home use, but are not approved for business and generally have slower virus definition update interim or some other limitations.

What you really need is a solution that is managed centrally. Most of the big business offer a management support so you can login to one system/server and check the status of all the secured systems from one place.

Having a centrally managed support makes it much faster to scan, deploy, update, troubleshoot and manage all the systems on your system. This makes things much simpler for business owners to deal with the job of handling their antivirus.

Another benefit of a centrally managed solution is alarming. When there are any issues or if a virus is found in your network on any of the system that is managed by the console, you’ll get an alarm via email. This is weird because once you’ve got the software set up you can then get automatically pop up of any glitches without having to login to the console every so often to check.

Here’s a fact you may not have thought of Antivirus for your iPad, Android devices and iPhone. With the growing change of mobile devices, malware virus makers are targeting mobile devices as well. This must be a consideration when selecting your antivirus solution.

Here are some of the popular reasons why Antivirus software is needed for healthy business.

  • Integrates with Outlook to scan your emails
  • Tiny footprint, doesn’t use much resources on computers
  • Easy to install
  • No annoying popups like some of the others
  • Works from cloud servers
  • Works on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android
  • Supports Hyper V Virtual servers
  • Good price
  • Includes management console
  • Has free 30 day trial
  • Most importantly, it is effective at blocking threats

In order to protect itself against malware attacks, a business can take the following steps:

  • Get in touch with the Anti-virus Tech support firm, for all installation and virus removal purpose.
  • Teach employees and conduct training sessions with mock malware scenarios.
  • Deploy an Anti-virus that detects blank senders, viruses, etc.
  • Keep all systems current with the best security patches and updates.
  • Make a security policy that includes, but is not limited to, password termination and difficulty.
  • Install an antivirus solution, plan signature updates, and monitor the antivirus prominence on all equipment.
  • Install a web filter to block malicious websites.
  • Encrypt all delicate company data.
  • Convert all HTML email into Text Only email messages or restrict HTML email messages.
  • Need encryption for employees that are telecommuting.

Companies can follow multiple ways to save themselves against malware attacks that threaten the integrity, availability of their data and confidentiality. They must keep a check on the current malware strategies and guarantee that their latest security policies and explanations can remove threats as they evolve. It is equally as significant to make sure that employees recognize the types of malware attacks they may face, how to address them and the risks associated with these attacks. Informed employees and properly protected systems are important when securing your business from malware attacks.