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The Ransomware Outbreak of 2016

Cryptography and ransom have origins deep in human life. But, only in the past few years has the world seen what disaster can occur when someone combines them. It was first seen in the year 1989, when Dr. Joseph L. Popp started off the outbreak...
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Internet of Things Spread Worms like Zombies

The Internet of things is the connection of hardware devices, vehicles, and other items fixed with electronics, sensors, software, actuators, and network that allow these objects to collect and share data. The Global Standards Initiative defined Internet of Things as the infrastructure of the information...
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Save Yourself from Being an Email Scam Victim

Criminals all over the world are getting more tech expert with the passage of time and now there are various ways you can get threat online without even having the knowledge of it. Beware, here are some of the top threats you think are no...
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