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Securing the computer from internet threats such as worms, root kits, Trojan horse, malware and spyware has become a necessity these days. Internet threats are developing with the rise in technology, as cyber criminals have found various ways to steal the necessary information from the computer such as banking transactions, data and other vital information. Cyber criminals are progressing in their field and it becomes easy for them to spread the virus into the user’s computer through internet which means browsing internet is not safe now. To browse the internet safely customer require antivirus suite that protect the internet surfing from malicious attacks. While browsing on the internet, the user visits several of websites and it is unable for him to locate the appropriate source of virus generation. But a smart and intelligent antivirus suite is not only able to locate the accurate source of antivirus suite but also it is able to block the malicious links and does not allow the antivirus to enter into the computer. For a user it becomes difficult to search the best antivirus suite to that protects their computer from malignant threats along with match with the configuration settings of their device. In the race of antivirus software’s AVG has won the race by offering advance security to the computer than its competitors.

Avg Support

Avg Support

AVG Antivirus earlier known as only AVG with the abbreviation of Anti-Virus Guard is a family of antivirus software developed by AVG Technologies. It is designed and developed to protect the computer from nefarious threats and ideal for safeguarding different computing devices such as computers, Android, Mac and Linux. AVG Antivirus has various products that are purchased and utilized by number of users as per their requirements. Thereto the AVG security comes in a number of editions that protects the computing devices from threats such as worms, root kits, malwares, Trojans, and spywares. AVG offers a wide range of security tools for the customers that are suitable for small business, home, and mobile device users. The security solutions for small businesses users come in four editions that incorporate a pack of security tools. Let’s have a succinct look on these tools that later enables the customer to pick the ideal match for their computers.

Internet Security Business Edition

It offers complete security solution to the customers business as this edition is able to protect the employees email servers, files and file servers offering tools for fighting viruses, individual inboxes, root kits, workstations, malicious websites and spyware.

AVG Antivirus Business Edition

It protects the computer and servers from number of online threats and it do not provide anti spam and email protection option but offers anti-spyware, anti root kits, antivirus and firewall functionalities that are in-built in this application. Along with it offers real-time scanning and provides utmost protection to the computing devices from numerous threats.

AVG Email Server Edition

It helps in maintaining security on outgoing and incoming messages that protect them from malicious threats. This edition has the ability to block the suspicious attachments and files from being viewed and allows them to run in the background without impacting the speed and performance of your computer.

AVG File Server Edition

Its prime focus is on the security of your company Window’s service that ensures maximum uptime by blocking the viruses, spyware, root kits and others to save the files on your computer.

Version Information

This has the ability to update the components and features of the security suite its version on the daily basis. The prices vary product by product and before purchasing the premium version of the antivirus suite, feel free to take the trial version available for a month.

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