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Locky Ransomware a new breed of Dridex Ransomware

Locky’ is the latest version to the Dridex ransomware family. It has a unique name and carries the same uniqueness. Read more about it from the post below. What is Locky Ransomware? Locky is a new kind of file-encrypting Dridex ransomware. It does two things:...
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EternalRocks Ransomware more dangerous than WannaCry found

EternalRocks Ransomware
After a flood of different ransomware attacks that hit organizations across the globe, security experts have now found a new version of malware “EternalRocks” that is more risky than WannaCry and is more difficult to fight. According to the security experts, “EternalRocks” attacks the same...
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Seven amazing new features of AVG Antivirus 2017

We are proud to declare the release of the AVG Antivirus 2017 product. So what’s new? Here is a brief description of the latest features that will help secure your devices from all types of unsolicited attacks. Improved Scan Engine with new device Learning Capabilities...
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