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Criminals all over the world are getting more tech expert with the passage of time and now there are various ways you can get threat online without even having the knowledge of it. Beware, here are some of the top threats you think are no longer in existence but actually they are.


1.) Email Scams

Email scams are the best way of getting threat and being cheated online these days. For example, you will get an email from an “official” on behalf of a foreign agency asking for your assistance to transfer thousands of dollars out of the country. You’re assured a cut if you assist, but before that you must send your bank details and some dollars to cover various fees. Once you send the details and never get the promised given. Victims are often asked for the ransom to return back the identity by the hackers.

Warning Signs:

  • You don’t know the sender.
  • Email contains grammatical and spelling errors.
  • The offer is too good to be true.

Avoid Being a Victim:

  • Don’t click on any links or open any attachments.
  • Don’t reply to the email.
  • Report the scam to either: Local FBI, ICCC or FTCCA.

2.) The Tricked Banking Con

You get an email warning of a security breach regarding to your bank account. The email has a link taking you to your bank website. You log in using your credentials like username, password or card details. The forge website steals your identity and money.

Warning Signs:

  • The email is crucial, that you must reply now or your account will be suspended a genuine company will go for this.
  • The email doesn’t mention your identity.
  • The email address is suspicious.
  • The link URL is not correct e.g. bankname.somethingelese.com

Avoid Being a Victim:

  • Never click on any links to your bank website via emails, check the URLS to your bank yourself in a separate browser window.

3.) Social Network Frauds

Social media has become a place where you can be cheated easily. Install a plug-in to check who has look at your profile on Facebook. Install a Facebook plug-in that can modify its functionality like Facebook background color. These are entirely malware scams.

Warning Signs:

  • The content is adult.
  • If it needs extra steps to look for e.g. you must take a review or share a message first.
  • It promises something Facebook not ever allow you to see profile views.

Avoid Being a Victim:

  • Check the apps on Google before installing them in you device, Google: “app name scam”

4.) The Threat Scam

You receive an email threatening to kill you, harm your family or kidnap you. Email ask for payment, or has files loaded with viruses attached to it.

Warning Signs:

  • You have no reason to be threatened.
  • Email has poor English.
  • Hacker asks for money.

Avoid Being a Victim

  • Check your social media credentials and make sure they are private.
  • Don’t response to the email- you’ll only confirm your email address is active and boost communication.

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