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A password is required on a number of cases every day – while using ATM, Email, or an online bank transaction. It can prove to be quite a task to recall all the passwords at the simultaneous time. Hundreds of millions of people whether working or not worldwide use passwords many times a day to access business resources like email, banking and real accountancy. These passwords are combination of the strings of letters, symbols and numbers. This password is used to access one of your business’s accounts and to protect vital resources. Now, the biggest questions comes in the mind is, how you are securing your password.


A popular Anti-virus developing company AVG in its latest report claims some results on the basis of a survey. This survey includes the small-to-medium business (SMB) customers in the US and UK about their password-protection strategies and policies. Here are some of the facts revealed from their answers, and they are quite shocking:

  • A quarter of members use two-factor verification for their passwords.
  • 22% of businesses use password management software.
  • One third of the businesses believe their company’s passwords should be more protected.
  • 72% trust their workplace passwords are kept in a safe place.
  • 50% of business people use among 1 and 10 passwords to access different networks, software, and accounts.
  • 43% of people with knowledge of company passwords don’t have a section in their contract to keep these passwords personal.
  • 51% of employees save all or some of their passwords with help of their web browser.
  • 19% of people surveyed said their business uses an automated password generator.
  • For one-third of businesses, president, the owner, or MD is accountable for handling company passwords.
  • Four out of ten people use similar passwords for different business work logins.
  • 16% of non-employees like contractors, freelancers, temps can access company passwords.
  • 67% claimed there are round 1-2 people who have knowledge to their company passwords.
  • 68% of people say they have heard of the term ‘ransom ware.’

Let’s discuss about the above answers in detail to get better understanding.

Password Management Software

Small businesses can get help from using a tool letting them to securely manage a number of different accounts at the same time and save all company passwords in one place. AVG Single Sign-On (SSO) lets users to employ a single set of log-in credentials with a two stage authentication option to access multiple data.

Few Passwords

Small businesses majorly use few passwords as they have a small domain that combines network, linked services and sign-on for email. But, whatsoever the number of passwords a business applies, they must always:

  • Control that has access to them.
  • Store them somewhere safe.
  • Confirm the passwords are strong, i.e. contain numbers, symbols and caps.

 Two-factor Authentication for their Passwords

More and more popular brands such as Apple, Evernote and Twitter have announced the two-factor authentication option, which checks user identity through a combination of anything you have like an ATM card and something you remember like your ATM PIN.

Logging in

Using one password for various services may feel like a saving a lot of time, but the fact is that it weakens the access to your business, customers, potentially your identity and data. So just imagine if this one password goes into the wrong hands. We suggest giving each employee their unique password and account, to guarantee accountability and improve safety.

Password Access

IBM’s 2014 Cyber Security Intelligence Index revealed that 95% of all security weaknesses involved human flaws. Successful security attacks occur when human weakness is demoralized to trap a company’s employees to innocently provide access to delicate data.

Confidential Passwords

Comprising of a confidentiality clause in every third-party or employee contract is an additional and vital layer of security for your business.

Passwords without Web Browser

Using a web browser to mesmerize your password is suitable, but has a great security risk. How big a risk totally depends on whether you sync with other devices, how many people have access to your business computer(s) or what browser you use with the same profile? Next time if your web browser asks to save your password, think again, and select “Never for this site.”

MD is Accountable for handling Company Passwords

When it comes to IT safety, small businesses are in a tight place, as they’re totally dependent on systems, yet not large enough to have a proper IT staff member. So often the MD becomes the company password expert. As a business expands, so will the IT structure, at which point committed personnel should take proper charge for managing company passwords.

Non-employees Access Company Passwords

For the most part we trust our colleagues, so letting system access to full-time employees makes sense. But what about the non-employee staff should you really share passwords with them? The best method, if access is essential, is to give temporary log-ins that you can delete when these people leave.


Ransomware is malware that decodes your files, and then asks for payment often with a time limit before encoding them. Not only these target your most valuable details, it can lock down system data to render your web browser, applications, and whole operating system unfeasible.

What to do?

Professionals warn that small businesses are easily becoming cyber criminals’ preferred target and those businesses are rather sadly unprepared. Cyber criminals know that small business can be an easy way to a much bigger target that is your partners and customers. Many breaches could have been prohibited with robust employee and worker learning, more severe password policies, and the use of two-factor authentication.

Eventually, you cannot take it for settled that your colleagues or employees have the tools and information to make the required decisions to keep the business safe. But by applying sound policies and verified practices, you can prepare yourself and everybody in your business to be part of protecting it.

And when it comes to IT security and password generation, never, ever, misjudge hackers. Where files could be stolen or money could be made, cyber criminals will continue until they find a weakness they can abuse. Your password policy is your key to the business, so guard it accordingly.