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PCs around the world were locked up and users’ documents held for ransom in a cyber attack that paralyzed some government offices, hospitals, and major multinational firms. In this blog post we have described how malware and ransomware work and what a user can do if they fall target to attacks.

avg technical support

Avg technical support

  1. What exactly are ransomware and malware? How are the two different?

Malware is a generic term that refers to software that’s dangerous to your PC, says Adam Tannis, an expert researcher at the Los Angeles, University of San Francisco. Ransomware is a version of malware that basically takes over a PC stops users from using data on it until a ransom is paid. Experts suggest that to stay away from ransomware and malware, user should go for the AVG Antivirus Technical Support Service.

  1. How your PC becomes infected with ransomware?

In most scenarios, the software infects PCs through links or files in malicious messages referred as phishing emails. The best advice is to never tap on a link in an email, says Terris, an expert malware intelligence researcher at reputed firm Malware bytes, situated in California, San Jose that basically designs anti-ransomware software. The whole agenda is to try to trick the victim into running an infected piece of code.”

The software basically is hidden within links or attachments in emails. Once the user opens on the link or downloads the document, their PC is infected and the software takes over.

But some of the serious ransomware has attacked recently, comprising last month’s WannaCry and the one attacking has leaked the code of NSA that lets software to spread instantly within a firm’s network. These attacks can be avoided if taken proper support from AVG Antivirus Technical Support Service.

  1. How ransomware works?

Ransomware, like the name says, is when your files and documents are held for quick money” says Danny Sue, a professor who studies deep analysis of computer science and digital security. It identifies all of your files and codes them and then leaves you a notice. If you want to view them, you have to pay.

The ransomware codes the data on the PC using an encryption tool that only the hacker knows. If the ransom isn’t paid, the data is often lost forever.

When the ransomware takes over a PC, the attackers are quite explicit in their demands, Segura says. In most scenarios, they change the wallpaper of the PC and give particular instructions telling the user how to pay to get their files back.

Most attackers demand $200 to $400 to eliminate the infected ransomware; the price can double if the money isn’t paid within one day. The demand in recent attack was $250 per device, according to security researchers. Law abiding persons have stopped people from paying these ransoms. You can reach AVG Antivirus Technical Support Service if you have got any such kind of ransomware mails.

  1. How you can avoid ransomware threats?

The first step is being careful with use of AVG Antivirus Technical Support Service, experts say. Users should also identify for infected email messages that often pretense as emails from firms or people you frequently interact with online. It’s significant to avoid clicking on links or opening files in those messages, since they could set free malware.

Users should continuously back up their data and confirm that security updates are installed on your PC as soon as they are released with support of AVG Antivirus Technical Support Service. Up-to-date backups make it perfect to restore files without paying the ransom money.

WannaCry attack exploited weaknesses in some versions of Microsoft Windows. Microsoft has released software patches for the protection holes, even though not everyone has installed those updates.

Even so, the new malware appears to have a backup spreading method, so that even if some PCs were patched, they can still be hit if one or more devices in a particularly network wasn’t patched.

To deal with ransomware, there is several security software’s available in the market. But, AVG is one of the best security software to resolve the problem of the viruses. AVG Antivirus Technical Support Service is always there to support the users after purchase of AVG software.

To avoid such difficulty the user can take AVG Antivirus Technical Support Service from a reliable and genuine firm. It secures the user from technical threats that might ruin the device performance. People think that taking the online AVG Antivirus Technical Support Service is a scam and reliable services are not given to them. But this is a misconception as there are several reliable AVG Antivirus Technical Support Service firms offering accurate support that too after knowing the exact technical issue of the clients. These firms have skilled and certified AVG Antivirus Technical Support Service team who is engaged in providing quality services in a trice. The moment you call the Technical Support, your call will get answered.

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