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Computer viruses are getting deep into our digital life day by day. The main reason for this is the involvement of them in every aspect. Whether you are connected online or offline with your friends, the risk of getting attacked is always present. Virus can cause serious technical threats like identity theft, secret data access, system crash and device malfunctioning. Besides all these facts, there are several more facts about viruses which you can read below.

Mcafee Support

Mcafee Support

  1. Since when are viruses being distributed through the internet?

The first major technical threat was in 1999 when an American citizen, David Smith, developed the Melissa virus that could spread via email. It need a host to run correctly, which in this situation was a word document linked to an email. Once opened, the virus multiplied and sent itself to 50 people in the email address folder. The increased email traffic due to thousands of infected computers caused some big companies to shut down email facilities. If you face this virus again, then simply eliminate it with the support of McAfee Antivirus Phone Support.

  1. How is a worm different from a virus?

A worm doesn’t require a host program. It is an application that can multiply itself and send itself via computer networks. In May 2000, a worm commonly known as Love Letter, ILOVEYOU or Love Bug attacked multiple computer devices in the Brazil and then the rest of the world. It travelled via emails and unlike Me+lissa did not need a host. It attacked devices by overwriting files and hiding its copies in multiple locations. It then used email to send itself to addresses stored in the PC. If these computer networks are being secured with McAfee Technical Phone Support, then the situation might not be the same.

  1. What are malware, Trojan horses and spyware?

Malware is the general name given to all malevolent software that infects PCs. It comprises viruses, worms, spyware, Trojan Horses, and so on. A Trojan horse is a software program used to hack devices by misleading users about its real content. A Trojan can be used for a surplus of purposes. For example, in 2007, a Trojan horse recognized as Storm Worm was released by its developers. It was distributed by using an email notification with a title about a weather disaster, “320 dead as storms batters Europe.”

Once opened, the Trojan installs itself in the device and opens a backdoor for the hacker who can then turn the PC into a zombie or BOT and use to it for spamming other devices. A Trojan payload can also have a spyware, a software program that tracks online habits of the user and accordingly takes him/her to specific websites. It can also be used for identity theft. To stop your device from getting attacked by these technical threats, simply contact McAfee Antivirus Phone Support.  

  1. What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a kind of malware used for digital extortion. Once installed in a PC, the Trojan installs a ransomware that encrypts the data stored in the PC. Victims are then notified through a screen message that asks for a ransom to be offered in Bitcoins to use their information. Bitcoin is a digital mode made by an unknown developer or group of developers named as Hatoshi Nakam.

This mode of currency is not dependent on the worldwide financial device for exchange among its users and thus very difficult to track. The “WannaCry” ransomware recently in the news uses a fault in Microsoft software to penetrate victim devices. Incidentally, this fault was diagnosed by the National Security Agency of US and then leaked by hackers. The malware encrypts the data in a hacked PC and then asks for money to be paid in Bitcoins.

  1. How to deal with Viruses?

To deal with viruses, there is several security software’s available in the market. But, McAfee is one of the best security software to resolve the technical problem of the viruses. McAfee Technical Phone Support is always there to support the users after purchase of McAfee software.

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